Top PvP

# Name Kills
1 Friedhof 745
2 LEGION 697
3 WarBreak 531
4 Hevn 342
5 LiricoS 275

Top Players

# Name Level ELO
1 Untitled 126 1700
2 s43nt0 126 1654
3 Barbaro 126 1203
4 VICKY 126 1194
5 eskater 116 744

Prepare for an Adventure

1 Presets - Quick access your pre-designed setups, login and PK within seconds.
2 Wilderness Events - Treasure chest, HP events, central boss and to top it off earn cash by being the top daily pker in Edgeville
3 PvM content - Venture off and slay monsters and the greatest bosses such as Verzik Vitur and Hydra
4 Clan Events - Participate in Clan Wars every Sunday 21:30PM UTC or King of the Hill every Friday/Sunday 20:00 UTC for IRL cash rewards.
5 OSRS Tournaments - Tournaments for OSRS gp are hosted every day at 7:30PM UTC, increasing in reward from monday to sunday.
6 PvP Leagues - Monthly championships with various divisions. Beat the competition and rake in the OSRS prizes.
7 We specialize in making a perfect quality-like Economy/PKing server for your tastes! From offering great updates to awesome gameplay, we assure you that you'll be amazed in no time!
8 Train all your skills and earn max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness. Play mini-games. Active gambling and we ...